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# 8 STO PvP
05-21-2013, 10:28 AM
Actually, STO's pvp model is decidedly sub-par, imho. Most casual players quickly learn that STO pvp requires a min/max build with both premium and reputation pieces. Any player claiming otherwise is likely full of denebian slime, or is a dilettante with a Fleet team that does practice premium min/max templates.

If a player has a strong pvp fleet team then they might get by with mostly ots (off the shelf) parts, but, all else being equal, the properly equipped team will normally win in STO pvp.

I used to pvp a great deal in STO's early days, before it became a min/max game. I won't even bother with pvp now. I will never sink the required cash and dilithium grind hours in to this game for its unsatisfying pvp. I am quite happy with the PvE content and I encourage PWE/Cryptic to produce more pve content, through my targeted purchases and community feedback.

I too wish they would disable all premium and rep content for pvp. It would force players to use skill instead of equipment and gimmick. Then again, STO would lose a lot of revenue I imagine if players didn't have to buy premium ships and boxes for pvp template equipment. Also, the Reputation system is our de-facto post-50 advancement system and, thus, the "powers" it grants are intended to be used in all aspects of our characters' game play, including pvp.

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