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11-25-2009, 08:37 PM
buffed: We’ve seen and read a lot about federation gameplay – what’s different for the Klingon side?

Craig Zinkievich: Klingon Gameplay revolves more around PvP – both within themselves, but primarily with Starfleet along the Neutral Zone. There are planets and point of interest to encounter, raids, and some special missions, but for launch, Klingon play is more about social gameplay than story driven content.
In other words, we're now in Beta, less than 3 months from launch and you ain't done jack **** on the Klingon side of Star Fleet Online.
buffed: To what extent did the recent launch of Cryptic’s Champions Online (and the lessons learned from this) change the road to launch Star Trek: Online?

Craig Zinkievich: At Cryptic we also feel very strongly about listening to our community, so the feedback that we have had from players who play Champions Online have also been considered for Star Trek Online.
You must be selectively deaf to your wanna play Klingon community then.

- Dahakra