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05-21-2013, 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
Look on the swing side, new PvP fleets have emerged. Where there is a ying, there is a yang, right? Old gives way to new and what not. Alpha Zero, Inner Circle, House of Beautiful Orions (love em or hate em, still good PvP fleet), and who can't forget, TRPH.
No doubt I have made a handful of new friends the last little while. Some great players have emerged the last while that have all come on board post f2p.

I am not convinced that Cryptic can continue to attract new pvp players forever though. I do hope they start following through on planned/promised changes to pvp. The type of players we all like to compete with and against have had lots of issues with that end of the game for 3 years now. I know for myself I don't really care enough anymore to honestly get to upset about it. I PvE almost all the time now. I do the occasional PvP when someone asks me to join them, I guess when someone needs a ringer for a match or so. I can still believe that. lol

Whats frustrating about LOR for me... is I know I do have some old friends planning to come back... and I know the stuff that they left over 1-2 years ago is still here in full effect. I don't see it going well.