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05-21-2013, 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
We can all list a ton of good friends of the top of our head that will not return.
It was probably the saddest moment in the game for me when Pjokk surprisingly returned and the answer to each and every question he asked was something like "it's from a lockbox" / "it's a c-store console" / "you'll get it after a month of reputation grinding" / "yes, shield resist are >50% on average now". He left again soon.

I have never been a truly top notch escort pilot and probably never will be. I'm not good enough to do this oneshot alpha stuff that is required these days (and I'm too lazy to get all the necessary boffs/items to buff my crith/d beyond good and evil).

I liked DPS cruisers (tac and sci) and have always been a big fan of pressure damage setups, but that's dead and there is no indication that it will ever return. Too much of the game is now about the "pistol duel"-style combat and not the tug-of-war that I used to love. The game has too much damage (fairly reliable oneshots by the top escorts pilots even against carrier-strength targets) and too much healing/resist (the death of pressure) at the same time. The skill requirements for good players have gone up (super alpha escorts) and down at the same time (SNBing and attack runs don't require good piloting anymore, only a jump console).

In PVE, you see on average negative resist on the targets because of APB/FOMM/Scan. In PVP we have to deal with >50% average resist. The 40s GravPulse still hasn't been adressed. Warp plasma still doesn't show up correctly. Balancing is now done by people that don't even know how the cooldowns on EPtX work. There really is no hope that this will ever get better.

If one encounters a new setup that one cannot beat, one usually can't say "we'll retrain some boffs and be back in a couple of minutes" anymore. Now it's "we'll have to get several new lockbox ships and items and reputation on some toons, see you in a couple of months". The low gear threshold was one of STO's greatest strengths, "Get to level cap, grab a good shield and otherwise white items, and you are ready for competitive pvp". That's entirely gone now.

Prior to F2P, I probably would have preordered the expansion and taken a few days off to level a new toon. Now I'm not even sure I will start a romulan character at all.

But I guess most of all, I miss Era. If it hadn't been for him, I probably would have quit back in December 2010 after evilhippo and snide had left (because of RL reasons) and SVK collapsed.

STO had so much potential. Cryptic not only failed to improve the pvp game, they actively made it worse. As Kirk said: "I've never trusted Cryptic, and I never will. I can never forgive them for the death of my toy." - but I have a lifetime sub, so I will complain and demand the return of the good old times until they shut down the servers.