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05-21-2013, 11:47 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Not an STF as such, but nonetheless....

Just finished the drop dead WORST instance of Vault Ensnared ever.

First part: only three Reman ships rescued in the first part, and I rescued one of them single-handly in my Fleet Rhode Island.

Second part: Obisek had to activate the 'last resort' Thalaron weapon as the Tholian's completed the Vault web.

Third part: Only myself and someone in a low-DPS beam (though was at least single weapon type - Tetryon) Prometheus took on the flagship. Calls for assistance went ignored. The two of us weakened it significantly, but didn't manage to destroy it.

The epitome of 'fail' and I was actually quite surprised that I semi-offended someone by commenting on what an awful mission it had been afterward. We received all of 11 Romulan marks for that mess - I wish I'd just bailed on it.
That's horrendous. I haven't quite reached that depth, yet. Oddly, the one thing I do encounter a lot in Vault Ensnared is some twit sailing off to the corner of the map to roll Need on everything. Makes me want to curb-stomp their reproductive organs every time.
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