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05-21-2013, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
Look on the swing side, new PvP fleets have emerged. Where there is a ying, there is a yang, right? Old gives way to new and what not. Alpha Zero, Inner Circle, House of Beautiful Orions (love em or hate em, still good PvP fleet), and who can't forget, TRPH.
Its simply the old and the new generation. Some old gen players can apparently evolve. I havebt been in Season 1-2 so i guess im not so old of a player i guess. But overall the changes from 1 2 and 3 werent so significant under atari anyway lol. The same thing will be said about us 2 years from now, and so on and so on. about the 3rd and 4th gen if they are even able to exist asssuming STO's servers still run then haha.

I wasnt trying to make TSI look bad or anything, not my intention at all.

I just think alot of our opinions are purely subjective and has been driven either one or another direction and further evolved our opinions that way. I dont think anyone is always right or wrong about things.

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