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05-21-2013, 11:56 AM
Doing an Elite Khit space pug the other day, i elected to watch one side and let the other four work on the other.

In between probe waves I usually take down the cubes in my fed escort since I have nothing better to do.

I notice they are dying a bit, but I havent seen any probes from their side get to the gate.

I get my side down to 20 percent left on the gateway and check to see how the others are doing. They havent let any probes escape, yet, but its been about 3 minutes and they are all loaded with injuries and BOTH of their cubes are up.


Im thinking to myself, how did I get a whole side almost done by myself and these four are struggling, are they doing BOTH sides of that side at once?

I knock my gateway out and go over to bail out their cube problem.

I get both cubes killed and am engaging a sphere that just killed one of the engineering players.

A probe makes it through.

How in the bloody....

At this point ive completed 75 percent of the instance virtually solo while these guys have been dying nonstop.

I get RAGED ON by the guy thats probably died more times than every other player combined in this instance, that im the noob that let the spheres out too early, blah blah. (this is the same engineer i just watched get virtually one shotted by a sphere somehow)

So this guy ragequits the instance leaving me, 2 other tacs and another engineer in the instance. We get the other side cleaned up and spawn donatra.

We get Donatra down to 50 percent and one of the other tacs decides this is impossible because he keeps getting walloped by the AOE cone and warps out.

So now its down to three.


And we finally finish almost 10 minutes later.

Besides ones that never got done due to quitters, this had to have been the worst PUG i have ever flown in. 1/10 on probes all because FOUR other people werent watching their side while I was killing their cubes... and ragequit on not once but twice. 45 min to an hour almost all told.


(if anyone reading this remembers that fight, props to the two who stayed to finish. that was hell but we made it)

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