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05-21-2013, 12:07 PM
Open PvP often requires players being social. An odd thing, eh? It's a MMO. Many people play MMOs as single player games with a persistent world...where they may or may not chat with other players that are playing MMOs as single player games with a persistent world.

Over 15 years ago, there were PKs running around in a game harassing folks. There were also PKKs running around killing the PKs so the folks that weren't interested in that were safer to do what they wanted to do.

In the years that followed, you'd see players donating their time to help others in their guilds level up or do whatever they were doing. You'd even see folks forming alliances or even folks that took a more mercenary route hiring themselves out.

All sorts of community was developing - games had vibrant worlds.

Wasn't long before home broadband use increased and the market changed. Swarms of people enjoying the euphoria of instant gratification spread like a plague. Worlds died and anonymous themeparks sprouted all over the place like weeds.

As the years passed, people grew ever more selfish and the desire for instant gratification only increased...their demands increased...until we reached the point were are now with the majority of games.

Just saying...