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# 1 New Bundle Ideas
05-21-2013, 01:47 PM
As many people already know there a were number of pre-order bonuses some of us would like to be able to obtain, since either you can't find the specific copy that came with said item. My idea is why not put these items in a bundle either through the c store or like the Romulan dlc on the main site.

Collectors bundle pack:

TR-116 Rifle
Neodymium Deflector
Red Matter Capacitor
Chromodynamic Armor
Multi-Spacial Personal Shield
Automated Defense Turret

Price $15 or 1500 zen?

Collector Tribbles:

Fluidic Space
Radan Tribble
Tribble of Borg

Price $10 or 550 zen?

Now I know some of the listed tribbles can be purchased in the c store however they are only one time purchases as I understand it.

Now if they were to do what I propose it has a number of advantages the main one being it won't cost them anything as such since they won't have to make anything from scratch since these items already exist in game.

Also quite a few people including myself would love to get hold of these items via this method and of course the bonus of them being account wide unlocks via the legacy item menu . Last but not least they could make a nice a bit of profit from the sale of these bundles I have suggested. At the very least you could on a trial basis put these bundles up for say a month and see how they fare but like I said I think there would be a reasonable demand for these cool items mainly for collector in all of us more than anything else lol.