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05-21-2013, 01:59 PM
My problem is the price in EC. I pretty much wiped out my main character reaching level 3 in terms of her EC stash, then raided ANOTHER character just to continue. And now she's bankrupt again and not even level 4. I still have 50k+ of omega rep to get the mark XII armor (which I want for outfits) and I'm not thinking my EC levels will even last that long due to replicating and buying the items for those specific missions.

And I'm not liking the idea of trying to do the rep-grind on MANY characters, or working on more then one character to max out a rep at a time. I wanna max romulan rep for the free reman race, but I don't like the idea of spending a month + ALL the energy credits required to max it out. Or having to do the rep on one char, then repeating it on my romulan (planned) char so they have romulan themed gear.

It's an improvement over the randomness yes, but the EC costs skyrocket rather quickly and I doubt everybody can maintain that level of EC incoming to offset it.