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05-21-2013, 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by xero328 View Post
Lifer since beta, spent a fortune on the game thus far, and was not able to tribbletest the romulan faction. I was not "chosen" this time, so i will probably lose out on the tribble prie that will be given out in a few months...So I will be complaining about that, as a collector.

Further, I bought the Legacy pack the first week it was out. Now they added a ship to it. So I have to buy it separately now? That is dirty pool. Oh, and since I am not able to test, I have no practical experience to use or any idea what to expect, except from watching vids and hearing about it secondhand. Not right, man...

Finally, the 6 hour wait is over...But I have been patching for awhile now. The first 1/2 hour, I got to 5%...Figured maybe it was my cpu, so I restarted from DOS. Nope. Been 1/2 hour again, and am at 5%. So this means I waited 6 hours and can wait the rest of today to PATCH, then maybe I can play. But wait, isn;t there another patch on Thursday? Great. I can wait some more then. And with all the issues in the past weeks, I think it's right to complain about this.

Brandon, devs, guys, try to remember what it was like before you were programmers...Pretend to be a lowly PLAYER for a minute or two, and sympathize with me. Would you be frustrated?
Originally Posted by bluegrassgeek View Post
Um... the Tribble test was open to everyone. You didn't have to be "chosen" for it.
Furthermore, of course, and very much naturally, you will get the latest things added to the legacy pack, the bonus is retroactive.

That being said, I too am experiencing very slow patching. I thought I avoided the problem prepatching 9 GB of stuff the day before yesterday, but was not enough apparently, lol

Keep it up guyz, thank you

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