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05-21-2013, 03:43 PM
Originally Posted by sirricwin View Post
Nothing to do with the patch. Its down to shoddy hardware which cant handle the load.
Instead of making smart *** comments...why not offer up an idea on how one could fix the problem, but I guess trolling is so much more your energy for trolling the Dev.'s as they clearly have dropped the ball yet again.

Anyhow I for one don't have "Shoddy" hardware to contend with so I would like a mature, intelligent reason for the log in issues.

Funny how I was laughing with my fleet last night that there would be issues....glad that as a LTM & Legacy Pack owner I wasn't proven wrong.....wtg PWE/Cryptic...

I hope you plan on offering a better product if you plan on having people spend hard earned money on your game.....the game is quickly becoming "Star Trek Offline"....I think it's about time you get your heads into the game & really fix your issues...

Instead of always saying sorry for your mistakes...why not take steps in assuring that they don't happen in the first place.

And still 4hrs almost after servers came back online no posted solution for log in issues nor a mention that you're working on it...again wtg Dev.'s !!!