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A slow night on Qo'nos, down at the Gate of Stovokor bar.
<background Klingon bar noise>

G'hargh, " So there I was on the roof of the domicile spinning her bodice and spouting poetry, his mate ravished and spent inside, dead body guard on the floor and her mate walked in and says -" Eyoh! What did you do to her?!"

G'hargh, " I shouted down at him as said - " Arg. I thought she be that one's, My apologies" - jumped down the back wall and ported away. Honest mistake."

Kharn, <mental noises> " He's not lying."

G'hargh, " Hauk!"

Sskald, " What? You did not keep her? She may have made a good SssSrRSssss"

Hauk, " what?"

G'hargh, " Are you listening to my story of how I found the treasure of Shon to..."

Hauk, " Not really. no."

Korrath, " I was. How much did you net in gross profits?"

Zodak, <background slightly> " You buy. I listen."

G'hargh, " Well, Of course You where listening. Anything involving numbers and money.. your listening" " Hauk, whats got your head on a permanent twist round your shoulders?"

Hauk, " I just saw a Romulan walk into the bar."

Korrath, " Oh. I know that joke. A Romulan female walks into a bar and orders a bottle of .."

G'hargh, " Six more rounds, wench. bloodshine again."

Zodak, <background less so> " which is why I am listening closely.. <hiccup>

Hauk, " Not A bar. This bar. Right over there."

G'hargh, BY Kahless hairy Moq, The bloodshine's done took ya!"

Zodak, <background>" and your inane stories of treasures found and for <hiccup> gotten."

Hauk, " Look for yourself old fool. "

Korrath, " Holy Honor sake, the rumors where true."

< sudden bar silence/ maybe a gasp keyed low>

Sskald, " And I thought I felt out of place when I arrived..."

< sound effect: Disruptor power up/ voice " Aquiring target">

G'hargh, " Well its just one. It'll be a bit of a mess but the floor is polished stone, so.''

Hauk, " Hold up a sec..."

G'hargh, " Why? Its an easy enough shot..."

Hauk, " What rumors Korrath?"

Korrath, " The KDF has taken on some former Romulan citizens as exiles in sanctuary as an agreement with both the existing RSE and the federation, I heard."

G'hargh, " J'mpok is a cheap Dewan smoking imbecille.."

Sskald, " And I'll drink to that." < loud gulping splash noises>

Hauk, " Anything else?"

Korrath, " Yeah. In the exchange we had a large shipment of Plasmonic Leeches stolen right out of no where in transit to Nga'chuq Hutlh ghel that are now about to be gobbled up on the Ferengi driven black market. "

G'hargh, " ghuy'cha! Feds?! will have them!! There will be no end of hearing the self righteous blathering now.. I'd rather have the tribbles honestly as a foe. They're less nerve racking and scream less shrill when you kill'em..""

Hauk, < somewhat sternly> " You keep forgetting I hold joint command in both Klingon and Fe.."

G'ahrgh, " Yar yar yar. I know already. You keep bringing that up. Sit on the other side of the table from.."

Hauk, " I don't remember Mom being this weird.."

G'hargh, " She's your mom, not my exwife. never met the woman..I want temporal residue tests.."

Korrath, " Hey you bickering BaQa! We will not be as appealing to the Singularity core using Romulans since we lost that edge of appeal over the federation. Many think that one point will kill us."

G'hargh, " Well, that's just silly. Oh, good more drinks. The KDF has plenty to offer the new Romulan recruit. Just don't let them park near me in dock."

Zodak, <background> " I may listen to the point of catatonia..."

Hauk, " Your speciest old fool..."

Zodak, " do not let that stop you from keeping the drinks coming, I will catch up.." <thunk>

G'hargh, " that's not true. <laughter> I like the pointy romulan females. those reman things give me the willies.."

Sskald, " I think the KDf has offer much <cough,cough> in the way of benefit for the Gorn "

Korrath, " You lying snake..."

G'hargh, " .. I expect I come around a corner and find one .. hanging from a bulkhead..<shudder>"

sskald, " Got to keep up appearances, besidessssss.. I activated a silencer. The bar didn't get quiet, we did. Nobody can hear us."

Korrath, " What ever. The KDf could have been economically bolstered well by the RSE refugees. Now only time will tell, all due to a error some think..anyway we need to prepare because that one is coming this way. .."

G'hargh, " Aw.. grethor.." <rustling sounds and grunts>

hauk, " what the .. are you doing? "

G'hargh, " Hiding my money.."

Korrath, " G'hargh!"

Kharn, " Too late now.. He has arrived. "

G'hargh, " Damnit! That's the wrong pointy type.."

It is too late yet also an excellent chance to expand. Its true we may have lost some but the guys at the Gates of Stovokor are starting up a KDFside look Romulan spinoff Podcast to accent the romulan and other races in the KDF faction.

They are currently looking for people willing to participate as voices, editors and all sorts of little positions that I really have no idea actually do....

Its wide open to go give your shout out for a slot. ( I think- if not I will update)

I do know they are a talented bunch of people and they are looking for Romulan enthuisiests wanting to further the Romulan way from the KDF side of the game.

It will be a lot of fun for any who try it. trust me, I know fun.

Do not fear though the Gates of Stovokor prime podcast....The Gates of Stovokor... is still in full swing with a packed solid taste of a new season ready to ignite your funny bone and new changes for the future that will make you say, " rI'tlhIgan wo' !" again to your KDF warrior friends in Kerrat.

So keep you ears peeled because we are just around the corner.