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05-21-2013, 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Hence why I'm not logging in today.
Good call! Everything is major laggy, if you can even get logged in. PvE queues are in a complete disaster as they stuff you in empty instances of everything. I got shoved into a Colony Invasion with no team against Undine. After a few minutes of them spawn camping me, I quit. I figured I'd tryt he CE since it's back and has an elite option. Me against the CE got old really fast when it one-shots you as soon as you start firing. Oh! I can't forget some of the 5 minute load screens and the Mk XI and Mk XII Warp Cores are no where to be found. Best of all, selecting the Voyager theme means you get a nice black bar on a nice black background on the loot window so you have no idea how long you have left to roll for that loot.
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