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05-21-2013, 05:14 PM
I finally got to play this one. The battle is fine until the last part, which is absurd. All your allies are repairing all the time, if you decloak close to the main ships its poof, one hit death.

I started out by taking out all but one of the battleships one at a time and their support craft, they were on the outer edges, didn't die.

The capital ship, 2 dreadnaughts and a battleship, alone with a host of frigates, escorts and fighters are all clustered up tight together.

I basically had to sucicide run one of the dreadnaughts 3-4 times to kill it, cloak, alpha strike and die. Luckily their hulls don't repair.

There is a whole bunch of problems.
The friendly ships are way way outnumbered, they also can't deal with endless frigate, escort and fighter spam.
The massive area weapons the enemies use are so frequent they finish off your friendlies in one hit as soon as they heal.
If enemy small ships can respawn endlessly, then make friendly small ships respawn endlessly. Otherwise they need to die and stay dead, then at least you have some hope of containing the ship.
The one hit and you die thing has been raged at forever and we do it again? why? there is no way to tell what ship has the green waves out, they are everywhere. Beyond getting viral matrixed every 10s, escaping that massive area isn't easy.

The end of the battle looks and feels ridiculous, arguing on the forums that its possible or not is just a waste of time. Nothing feels like an invasion force, and the defense force is a joke as well.
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