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Originally Posted by breadandcircuses View Post
Actually, I was kind of wondering then the Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo launcher would become available to the KDF. Since they have already included the Bioneural Warhead in one of the console Reward Packs, it only makes sense that we'd see that soon as a balance of sorts. Has there been any mention of this coming, or am I being overly optimistic?
Yer optimism is excessive-now that the last of the good stuff's been moved to cross-faction from the KDF side, the odds are strong that after this LB deal, consoles won't be it. Maybe a Fed B'Rel instead...but no more consoles-the Feds got all the ones they wanted.

it'll be a "Mirror Universe" B'Rel, of course, the Retro with the EBC and an additional tac slot, while the 'trade' will be a "Mirror Universe Light Cruiser" (aka Miranda) with base T0 stats...for balance, of course.
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