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05-21-2013, 06:30 PM
I love a torp boat, as in nothing but projectiles for weapons

my main is a torp boat

however, many players in pvp do not like torps because of the crits

look for proof no further then the tricos and what happened to them not to long ago just cause the cannonscorts wouldn't be bothered with shooting them down, out-flying them, or even changing their build to include more resists vs kinetic damage

trick is, the OP has to remember we (the fed) just got a enhanced battle cloak today, in a matter of weeks the pvp cues are going to be packed with roms doing the same thing brels have been doing for years but... much better

people will already be complaining about cloaked torp spam in 2 weeks in the fed pvp cues (cause thats all the feds complain about in kerrat, that and from time to time being out numbered- but then the klinks complain about that too so thats a equal complaint) ALWAYS in kerrat I read, "gutless klink, decloak, attack, and run, why dont you stay and fight?!?" their tune changes when they start to get poped

bottom line, feds and klinks just got a ton of awsome new rom ships with one being the ultimate torp boat, we will see MANY make torp builds in the coming weeks

If cryptic ups the damage that torps can do vs shields, you will have more players using them, with more players using them- you will have more people picking up the torp trait from the rep system, with that happening you will have more torps passing through shields and criting, then you know what you have?

the same army of cannonscort QQ's coming out of the wood work screaming for torps to be removed from the game all together (just like they campained hard to get the tricos nerfed to nothing)

last thing, it takes nothing to make a excellent cannon build, and it works just as great against shields or hull, IT TAKES ALOT to max out torp damage to get it to shine, and when we torp boats get lucky with a good crit that kills a guy, (out of the 36 shots that did nothing to them) we get nothing but grief for it