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11-27-2009, 12:00 PM
Actually there´s a great wealth of information.
Craig Zinkievich: Star Trek Online will be in one big universe where everyone is on the same shard.
Ah, echoes of EVE online.
We’ll have limits to how many players can be at the same location before it instances off into a copy,
..quickly draining into the toilet.

Craig Zinkievich: Player death in video games has never really been realistic since the days of the coin-op arcade when a single coin granted you 3 lives. MMOs are no different in that we want you to feel challenged when playing the game, but we don’t want your characters to permanently “die” and put a giant “Game Over” on the screen.
So we´ll get unlimited lives?

and then we will go where no game has boldly gone before
.. and I got a bridge to sell you.