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# 1 Skirts and the lack off
05-21-2013, 06:43 PM
Where are they for the Romulans? You guys designed them, the darn mannequin on the flottila sported one, where are they?

Im forced to wear half skirt that doesnt match any of the uniform jackets???

Id even break down and at least use the ferengi skirt...oh wait its fed only...or kdf only not ally friendly...grr

What is up with the lack of skirts in this game for non fed?

Also what is up with the diferent leg models used with diferent skirts?? Antares and Sierra my legs look thin, but the tos skirts my legs have some shape...and before people go well thats cause they are higher...look closer, its not just the thigh area..its the full leg that has a diferent shape to it

I asked for this back on test, the concept art was there, the stuff is shown ingame for npcs but its like we arent as special as npcs are or something...

I just want to see the skirts available to all if we ally fed we should get all the fed skirts available, the lobi skirts should go with whatever ally we sided with as well, kdf could use a couple more...not asking for the world, just something for us Romulans besides handme down pants and bulky boots...