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Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
I suggest if you and your buddies don't like how we act to just bugger off to the Fed forums and complain about us over there, You don't see us coming into your forum complaining about you guys now do you?

We have been given the short end of the stick again and instead of enjoying our pain you could at least show some sympathy, isn't the Federation supposed to me kind, understanding and have high morals? I guess a lot of you simply don't understand the vision Gene was trying to convey when he made Star Trek to begin with. A shame it fell on such deaf ears.

I am gald I am not the only one that can see this either, I'll quote Roach from earlier in this thread:
Short end of the stick? Lol, you get all these nice consoles, cloaks & battle cloaks, etc etc, and YOU got the short end of the stick? Some people's children, I guess.....
Anyway, like I said in an earlier post, which no one apparently has seen, to those KDF'ers that enjoy being in that faction, and just enjoy themselves, imagining they're playing in that role, I hope they have a really great time, and get to have some fun, they deserve to. To the whiners & munchkins, in turn, you bugger off.
And "high morals" are one thing, to sit through nonsensical crying, and whining is just not in the cards for me. Man (or woman) up, play the game, and enjoy yourself...who knows, you MIGHT actually find you're having a good time....(the gods forfend)

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