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05-21-2013, 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by snakevorerules View Post
i am glad that they put it on sale once in a while but
i look at it this way i spent on this game probably close to 800 dollars or more by now including buying the romulan 125 dollar pack the day they announced it. I have played this since it went free to play. i know gold and lifers get the better stuff but shesh you think after spending all the money they mgiht think hey maybe we should make a 3rd class for people who give us alot of cash for cryptic points.other games do .. would be kinda like this

lifers:you buy for 200(if on sale)-300 dollars
gold: monthly payments(if i am right)
prefered user:person who has spent soo much on cryptic points will get a few bonuses but not as many as gold and lifers
Prefered users: You did get bonuses that gold and lifers did not get...The Romulan Pack

You're not the first to complain. There are plenty of old threads where gold players complain about everything silver players get.

I started silver last winter. Then got the collectors edition at discount (free 30 days). Now I'm a happy lifer.