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05-21-2013, 08:25 PM
I have a question about dual beam bank, beam overload, and cannon rapid fire.
On my MVAE currently, I have two CRF1, and BO1/BO3, with APO3. Would it be wiser to have BO1/BO2 with CRF1/CRF2, or keep this? I can't directly tell any difference between the two levels of rapid fire, and BO3 is a bit spikier.

Or should I just ditch the beam bank entirely and use torpedoes? Torpedoes are trickier to use, any tips on how to use them? I've been experimenting around lately and can't tell which is better, dual beam bank or torpedo. I can get shields down fairly fast and like the instant attack of the beam overload, but I know torpedoes will take down hull faster :<