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Jolan Tru

Welcome to Mattachine (formerly known as TMT (est. 2009))

We are always recruiting more hard working Romulan and Reman citizens to join the ranks.

The MMORPG and LGBT+S friendly guild Mattachine, with branches in both Star Trek Online and Champions Online!
So if you seek a LGBT+S friendly guild to have a good time and enjoy some nice company, we hope that you will check us out. The main objective of the guild is for everyone to have fun, and second to help each other out. This means teaming for difficult missions, answering questions etc. Other than that we emphasize that we have no complex rank structure and practice "minimal government", so to speak. That is why our guild is all about its members. The Officers will only be around to make sure things run smoothly. It is the members that makes what this guild is and what it will become.
Klingon House of Mattachine Klingon House of T'Mt Fleet
Our guiding principle is acceptance and diversity.
Mattachine Society TMT The Next Generation Fleet
Many of our members have been in the Beta test of both games in the Closed and Open versions, we have many Lifetime Subscribers as well.
lesbians gays bisexuals transsexuals queers
All Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and our Straight friends are welcome to join as long as they are as accepting of our diversity as we are. This means we should all show tolerance for each other. No matter which label we have put or not put on ourself. We have members of all nationalities and all over the world that span from the west coast of the USA over to EU onward to Oceania.
Lesbians Gays Bisexuals Transsexuals Queers
To join, click the icons in the signature or contact us in the game: @Simale, @burwellian, @nimue_aline, @branovices
lesbian gay bisexual transsexual,
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So please don't be shy let it be known that you're interested.
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Bedah ke'rhin!
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What does Mattachine come from?

Mattachine have gotten its name from the civil rights movement that pre-dated Stonewall with decades, called the Mattachine Society.

The Mattachine Society used so-called harlequin diamonds as their emblem. The design consisted of four diamonds arranged in a pattern to form a larger diamond.

But the name has an even older history then that.

Mattachine was also a medieval and renaissance French secret society of masked men who, that through their anonymity, were empowered to criticize ruling monarchs with impunity.

This French group was named in turn after Mattaccino. The name comes from a character in Italian theatre. The name comes from the word "mattinate" (which means: mornings), and included going long hours, until morning and having fun. Mattaccino was a kind of court jester, who would speak the truth to the king when nobody else would.

The word "mattachin" however originally came from Moorish sword-dancers who wore elaborate, colourful costumes and masks and it is derived from the Arabic word mutawajjihin which means "mask-wearers".

We think that playing long hours, until morning and having fun is a great way to describe our guild.

We think that the civil rights movement, that speaking the truth and criticizing the rulers fits in with the Romulan Republic struggle to rebuild and stand apart from the old ways in Star Trek Online.

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