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05-21-2013, 09:02 PM
*Sigh* I really shouldn't feed the trolls, but:

KDF: It really isn't the end of the world having the Feds get the Plasmonic Leech, even if the console we get in its place is of rather limited use. At least we finally get the 1-50, even if long overdue. Add to that a couple new ships and their consoles, and we do actually get something (though still far short of catching the Federation as far as variety of ship classes or specialized consoles).
Yes, we are getting the short end of the stick in the lock box, but that usually happens with the lock boxes. The KDF is the minority of the playerbase; the queues tell us this, and the behavior of the company reflects it. As a result of the proportionate purchasing power on the Fed side, and the company liking to get their money, the Fed side is far more likely to get what it asks for. Shortsighted if they actually want to maintain the whole 2 faction system, but predictable.

Fed: Really guys? The KDF does have valid concerns considering that there are supposed to be the 2 primary factions, with any new factions being designed as affiliate. Given that the we have had a full 3-pack for each ship class, with the appropriate 3-console sets, plus access to some of the best consoles in the game with little more than in-game currency, faster queues, access to cloaking devices, more missions, more species, better starbases (our greater playerbase and faster queues boost our rate of progression significantly), and usually twice as many Mirror ship variants in the lock boxes... I really think we can just let them voice their concerns in peace without getting into a griefer session.

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