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05-21-2013, 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by emacsheadroom View Post
Yes, STO is worth the hassle and you would have to be a fool not to see that. The current hiccup is due to the thousands of people who want to play this new expansion. Every new game or big expansion release is accompanied by the kind of server overload we're seeing today. Tough it out and enjoy the game in a couple of hours when the majority of the Yanks have gone to bed.
yup great way to run your company and form sound sof it this is common then......
NOT a good sign. just think ive spent 3 times what subscribers paid for life time and yet im havent been able to technically play now since the patch....and if i do get in sec i do anything i get disconnected so is a queue THIS large a sign they have stupid management or what....
YOU SHOULD AS A BUSINESS ANTICIPATE THIS extra NEED but as im told they put everyone on one server and add two of there other games....
its funny i was able to get in to tribble and move about but that's so fun i can just hurl.

UP till now i was a bit nice about it knowing ya you get reporters and reviewers and ya peeps that never play ......BUT a 20000 or 21000 queuje when every 10 minutes i get like 50 lower..go do that math son it will be days before i get in and IVE PAID MONEY FOR THIS?

this same crap happened on the test tribble and i gave up beta testing for this is 5 times worse literally....

in fact when ya minimize your online thing i guess it stops you moving up the queue for good too, been at 980 out of 4300 , now 980 out of 7600 WOOT GO GO GO queue size while i get no where.

i fell like saying it , i want my money back