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Originally Posted by marcusdkane
Welcome back, I hope nothing too serious kept you from the forum :-\ Fantastic entry, Ta'nara is pretty hardcore, it'll be great to see her future adventures I really liked the description of the Breen raptor, it sounds like a magnificent creature
Nothing too serious. A bit of writer's block, admittedly, but also a lot of household chores in preparation for the family getting a new dog. Glad you liked it, though. I mainly devoted so much energy to the raptor just for a thematic tie in (re: raptor = symbol of the Romulans).

Originally Posted by sander233
Great entry! I too loved the description you gave of the Brean raptor. And that hand-to-hand combat sequence was magnificently brutal.
Thank you. I figured that the Tal Shiar, being essentially the Romulan equivalent of the CIA/KGB/Mossad, would be very competent hand-to-hand fighters, and would all have a collective ruthless streak about them to make them extra deadly in a fight. Although writing that scene did make be wonder who would win in a three way fight between Ta'nara, K'Nera and Lynathru...

Originally Posted by ironphoenix113 View Post
Excellent read! The hand-to-hand combat sequence was well written, and the descriptions of the environment Ta'nara was in were fatastic
If I may ask, what did you think of my entry? (/shameless self-promotion)
I quite liked it! I had, admittedly, wondered how the other writers might handle a possible Romulan/Reman relationship, and I think you wrote Selana and Veril's quite wonderfully.

Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Well Done Mollari!
Thank you, patrickngo!

Originally Posted by zidanetribal View Post
That was a well-written fight scene in a well-written story. I will have to learn much from you discreetly.
Thank you. You have my blessing to continue your discreet learning.

Originally Posted by takeshi6
Fun entry, Molari.

I definitely hope that Veleen and Ta'nara can meet up in game sometime.
That would be interesting, though I can see them getting off to a thorny start-- what with Veleen seeing Ta'nara as a member of the mean, scary Tal Shiar, and Ta'nara seeing Veleen as the pawn of a foreign intelligence agency.

Anyway, I'm still reading through a lot of these entries, so I'll post some more comments on them soonish!

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