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05-21-2013, 09:50 PM
It takes all of 35 total days (in 24 hour blocks) to get your rep to 5. That is for Romulan, Omega AND the new Nukara. I've done it on 6 characters so far and it really only takes 1 or 2 stfs, a few tau dewa sector patrols and a few nukara missions to get it kicked off on each character. The tau dewa patrols you would only run until you have your first elder epohh.

We're not talking about all day grinds for 1 character to get enough marks to start a project. It's all of half an hour if that long.

As for rep bonuses in PVP, well, people that have been playing longer should absolutely have a leg up on people that just started. It makes sense. As it is, a new guy can create a character, level to 50 in a few days and spend real money to buy all the zen ships, consoles and dili they need to have nearly, if not completely identical sets to everyone else. The only things they are missing are reputation items and that's because they haven't earned the reputation yet.

Oh, let's not forget that, when you are PVPing/PVEing, only certain rep traits even kick in. Your rep traits, of which there are 2 in each Omega and Romulan, are specific to a map type. So it's not like a person with tier 5 rep has 19 rep traits to help him.

This really just sounds like someone whining about not wanting to put in any effort into actually making his characters worth a damn.