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I had heard the regeneration was turned up a notch. As was the damage she could output.

So a group of nine 'serious' STF'ers from the DPS5000 channel decided to prove the posters wrong. We're talking about a dedicated group of players who have spent months creating ships of sheer dps goodness. You know... the people we often mock because they can break 10kdps without a sweat.

Combat started smoothly. We were gonna take this crystalline curmudgeon down!

95% - we lost our first team-mate. Single shot destruction.

90% - 4 members killed in the energy outburst. The tanks melted.

85% - we lost a player to rage quit. he was the random dude in our equation.

The the fun started, or the lack of fun. Barrage of barrage, drawing away the shards, working as teams going in and out - nothing worked. DPS spikes in excess of 100K, and the beastie laughed it off. We even tried warp core breeches on purpose....

We never got her below 81%. She would heal with each barrage.

There's something seriously wrong with her mechanics of this event. Given most of us had successfully beaten it in the past many,many times, the changes in the recent patch were just evil.

Now if only I could actually access the bank without timing out.....