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05-21-2013, 10:00 PM
Sorry to say this but .i did get on line last night it is looking a lot better.but i was very tired when i got in as the cues were stupido.i have woken up and i just wonted to get on line to see if my selling spree had done me some good. like i do most mornings and im 980 out of 980.

this is stupid,and annoying. can i have the money back that that i have spent on this game back please.also the zen can i have back as money.which is still in my account.

As i dont beleieve you guys do not have the no how to resolve these problems. all your gonna do is wait till people get board as you wont put in extra band width and extra memory which you deinfinatly require on yoru servers.coss you spent too much on development.Oh

just a thought sack the manergers that are in charge for all the outagies in the last 2 months as well.

Lord monty