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Daisemi'in rhhaensuriuu meillunsiateve rh'e Mnhei'sahe yie ahr'en: Mnahe afw'ein qiuu; rh'e hweithnaef mrht Heis'he ehl'ein qiuu.
(Of the chief Parts of the Ruling Passion, only this can be truly said: Hate has a reason for everything. But love is unreasonable.)

- V. Raiuhes Ahaefvthe (of Romulus II)

Jolan'tru and greetings, 26th Fleet!

As you all know by now, Star Trek Online is about receive its first ever expansion: Legacy of Romulus. For those who haven't been able to check it out on Tribble just yet, be assured that the quality and scope of the expansion is beyond anything we've seen in STO to date--this is Cryptic's best work by far. May 21st can't come soon enough!

After some internal discussion, we've managed to put together what we think will be a great new addition to the fleet: Joint Task Force Theirr (Guardian).

The basic premise is that after formally declaring the alliance, the Federation and Romulan Republic agreed to establish a special task force of Republic vessels attached to the 26th Fleet as part of their operations in Tau Dewa. Headquartered at the Federation embassy on New Romulus, the joint task force's mission is to alleviate Starfleet's strained presence in the region, establish a cooperative venture between allies, and continue the Federation's peace-keeping mission and the Republic's security mission in Tau Dewa.

Interestingly, however, the joint task force is commanded by a pair of rotating officers from Starfleet and the Republic Navy; each month, the two commanders take turns leading the task force. This unique arrangement is meant to foster cooperation and understanding between the Starfleet and Republic elements. Of course there is also likely to be some tension...

Our goal for JTF Theirr is to create an opportunity for Romulan fans to roleplay without sacrificing their membership in the 26th. By organizing things in this way, we don't lose any communication between members, don't require any undue grinding burden by starting new fleet holdings, and give members a distinct and independent environment to roleplay their Romulan characters.

To that end, here are some of the specifics:



The Romulans have two unique organizational structures that operate alongside each other, but independently report back to D'Tan's republic. However, the diplomatic arm is intended to have final authority regarding Romulan operations--an interesting new development given the Romulans' historical prevalence for military authority. The philosophy here is to ensure that Theirr's operations are carried out with respect to the diplomatic agreements between the Federation and Republic. It also ensure that even when a Starfleet officer has command of the JTF, they're still adhering to the Romulan Ambassador's wishes.

In the end, it's less a chain of command and more of a list of positions available to be filled by Romulan characters.


The Romulan Ambassador is the civilian chief administrative official of the mission, whose sole responsibility is to maintain the diplomatic relationship between the Romulan Republic and United Federation of Planets. They are hand-picked to be a representative of the Republic and speak on behalf of D'Tan's government. To that end, they report directly to the Republic, but are subject to the agreements framed by the alliance. This means they work in tandem with the Federation Ambassador stationed at the mission on mol'Rihan.

[Position by appointment...]

Military Attache
A commissioned officer in the Republic military, the military attache is responsible for acting as an liaison between the military arm and diplomatic arm of the Romulan Join Task Force. Though they ultimately report to the Romulan Ambassador, they are also expected to function as an advisor to the Joint Task Force Commander--be they Starfleet or Republic.

[Position available...]

Embassy Staff
The staff at the Romulan embassy is likely to be made up of any number of government officials, scientists, architects and builders, security details, aides and attendants, and their families. While they do not report to anyone in particular, they are subject to the laws of the Romulan Republic and the diplomatic agreement with the Federation.

[Various positions available...]


This is an interesting position filled by a rotating pair of commanders from both the Federation Starfleet and Romulan Republic Star Navy as per the arrangement agreed to by both parties. They are chiefly responsible for carrying out the orders of the diplomatic mission as commanded by the Republic or Federation (filtered by the ambassadors). This unique command structure ensure cooperation between the two factions, but can sometimes lead to animosity and mistrust depending on who, exactly, fills the position at any given time. Regardless, ships and their crews assigned to the JTF report to the Commander no matter who is in charge.

Romulan Commander: Commander Khaiell i-Mhiessan tr'Lhaihtrha (@playfuldreamer)
Starfleet Commander: [Position by appointment...]

Assigned Ships

[Various positions available...]





Note that this chain of command is different from the one found in-game (lack of flag rank). Civilian is the assumed rank of diplomatic officials and members of the mission staff (excluding the attache), but exists outside the chain of command since we don't imagine the ambassador or other political officials would be considered subservient to the military structure in D'Tan's new republic. Also, removing flag rank from the equation will ensure we have plenty of rank-and-file officers with field duty assignments.



Uniforms for commission officers in the Republic Navy will be chosen before launch, but have not yet been decided on.



All Romulan characters part of JTF Theirr will be required to command Romulan vessels. There will be no exceptions made to this decision as we are adamant about creating a unique Romulan feel for the JTF.



Current Members
Since the goal of JTF Theirr is to give members an opportunity to roleplay as Romulans within the 26th Fleet, joining Theirr is handled the same way we take care of alts. That is to say, members of the 26th Fleet can join JTF Theirr by creating a biography for their Romulan as they would any other alt character. This is true even if your main character will become your Romulan. Just indicate as such somewhere in your biography. However, Romulan players will be required to maintain at least one Starfleet character in addition to any Romulan alts or mains.

New Members
New applications to the 26th Fleet will first be required to establish a Starfleet character before they will be permitted to add a Romulan character. Tthe 26th is primarily a Starfleet guild and will continue to be so.
We are very excited about Legacy of Romulus and what it means for the 26th Fleet. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to express interest in a Romulan character, please message PD either on the forum (Cabis Caz) or in-game (@playfuldreamer).


Just a reminder we love Romulans.