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05-22-2013, 12:02 AM
So I went to the Exchange and bought a Plasmonic Leech console for about 2.7 million EC, there are already several for sale over there. For my build, this is a great fit since I now have 176 points in Flow Capacitors. Tooltip says my Plasmonic Leech drains 2.8 energy from all subs per activation. In theory, that should give 2.8 X 8 = 22.4 power drain on each subsystem though I am not sure if a cap would apply in my case or not since this is new to us. On my fleet's TS, nobody except me even cares about this console. I made a point of mentioning it, really, no reaction. The truth is very few Fed players utilizes drain skills. It's a niche "market" for a select number of players but a rather small minority based on my casual observation. It is likely more prevalent on the Klink side due to the presence of other energy drain tools such as the soon-to-be-nerfed (hopefully) Aceton Assimilators and siphon drones.

In any event, my vessel is now capable of inflicting up to 109 in power drain on two select subsystems simultaneously using ES3, Subsystem Targetting and PL. Even if my opponents specs heavily in Power Insulation, such massive drain will still cause havoc to the targeted systems, notably engines where escorts typically run no more than 50-70 in power as most is diverted to weapons. Yes, there is the Hazard Emitters but against my build, which uses a variety of weapons that causes very severe Plasma and Radiation damages if not cleared, I expect my opponents' HE will be completely overwhelmed trying to handle the DoT and trying to clear ES attacks one after the other.

Given that I didn't know about Plasmonic Leech until today, I want to thank the OP for starting this thread and educated me and many other Fed players who are part of this niche re: this nice gem that we shall now be using to pound Klingnons in battle.