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Originally Posted by illcadia View Post
I'm just gonna go out and say it.

The only place feds have ever argued about leech has been these asinine 'omg feds are getting the leech/want the leech/we can't give it to them' threads.

I have not once in my entire tenure in this game, since season 3, seen a thread begging for leech on the fed side. In all that time it's always been KDF players whining about how 'all the feds want it'.

Well now the feds have it. I expect the lack of fed whining about it will continue, but maybe the klinks can finally stfu because gods be damned seriously you guys will not shut up.
Remember last time it was mentioned it was "feds with leech and maco shield will be op"?

Honestly, none of my feds are even speced into energy drain. and I cant really think of a console to ditch on favor of leech on most of my fed builds (maybe an rcs on my oddy with the new turn rates but still not speced into it).

Without some flow caps leech does very little.

My klingons use it, one because its a polaron build and one becasue he is under equiped and I had it anyway.

Besides with the battle cloak about to be everywhere the anti cloak torp should become quite handy. Hmmm T'varo + T'varo set consoles + anti cloak torp + honor guard/adapted maco + rule 62 console = cloaked cloak killer.
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