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05-22-2013, 01:26 AM
Worth the hassle? I dunno. Do I complain sometimes? Yes, mea culpa. Five minutes after I hit the 'Send' button, I am over myself. Toting all that baggage around everywhere gets to be tiresome. Does the game have problems? Yes. Do they get fixed? Yes. Would I like them fixed faster? Yes. I suppose this attitude makes me like the majority of players. I am willing to put up with errors and glitches and hiccups or whatever we're calling them to a point. Because I can remind myself STO is only a game. Not a lifestyle choice. It is not the only way I can get my daily Star Trek fix. I have Netflix and a currently unused computer with WinXP on it. That computer has Bridge Commander and Armada and SFC III installed. However, STO is currently my addiction of choice.

It has been impossible to login and play since I got home from work and I was really looking forward to enjoying some of the new content for an hour or two. I suspected things such as are going on right now would happen. I am willing to reduce my game time to compensate for the fact they would occur. But the longer and more frequently they occur means some other MMO has acquired the ability to capture my interest and attention and ultimately, my coin, longer and more frequently.

It has been worth the hassle so far. I am hoping it continues to be worth the hassle.
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