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# 209 feds get the leech
05-22-2013, 01:33 AM
I guess when universal consoles came out they were faction specific then the whinning started saying its to good you have it , well you have this thats where the problem started now there have lost there uniqueness the had when they first designed them with the best and perfect intentions from the very beginning and it was lost too us all ? imagine pretty soon well all have same thing but certain elite fleet weapons and blue phasers and warp cores up the ying yang being different in 4 systems lol haha well all be having same ships with differ ship setups , it'll be like fighting our selfs lol soon enough, I'm wondering why when i'm klingon in kerat my fellow klingons are federation blue ? huh whats up with that ? its like your trying to slap us klingons smack in the face with ugly, and whats up with the pastel colors all over the place there is no consistent colors , and my power abilities in space you gave em each 2 colors so its a total of 9 pastel gross colors intsead of 2 colors easy to look at before ? my screen looks all femmy like a bowl fruit loops on drugs in a fabric store, what gives ?? my eyesare spazzing out who in there right mind would pick ugly colors for gameplay seems hella cool so far but I'm on my knee's begging you get you ugly spass colors off my red klingon screen i've played with for years and i dontb even wear 1 coilor the same toneas this game new colors or id get my &^%%^ beat and when i saw my own red blood I'd finally be happy again !!