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05-22-2013, 01:02 AM
Originally Posted by bootyboots View Post
I will probably do that, won't solve the doff problem though

I have very little fleet credits, it all gets fed back into the starbase trying to get the 90 medical and security needed a day.

Of course I will no longer do that because of the mailbox limit. And airlocking doffs is a waste, so I'll let my numbers dwindle on their own.

I know of at least one player that has 100k+ science doffs, his reaction will be interesting
Uggh... I have so many doffs in cryo stored to help the inevitable sb upgrades beyond 5 and now I'm being punished? I know stos reason to exist is to gouge every player but seriously... deliberately setting high sb requirements and limiting the number of doffs you can store is really unfair and more so disgusting as it will only clobber the fleets yet not upgraded fully