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Originally Posted by bootyboots View Post
i personally collect hundreds a day (my main KDF starbase goes though 690 doffs a day not counting the embassy)

to get any meaningful number of medical and security doffs, you have to open hundreds of doff packs. Which leads to an excess to doffs in other categories

normally I would mailbox that excess to spread out to other fleets, however that is no longer possible. Dismissing doffs is a waste, and the exchange value of those doffs will plummet further (not to mention the 40 slot cap).

Basically this change will cripple starbase progression, with only engineering ever having a chance at reaching t-5
Seems to me a drop in the price of these doffs would benifit everyone.

You sell the ones you cant use now and get a small amount of money.

In time you find you need doffs that you sold so you go back to the exchange and find they are worth less or equal to when you sold them.

Fleets who perhaps don't have alot of people benifit from more and cheeper starbase food.

Your sold doffs allow more people in more fleets to collect fleet credits and level their starbases faster.

Only downside I see is to the bottom line of the people who exclusively sell doffs.
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