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Originally Posted by trokkar View Post
It seems to me, at lower levels anyways, that its being used exactly as you are trying to. I suspected that most would just have a "screw you" mentality and abuse it. It appears however that anytime I hit need, I would say 8 out of 10 times I would win the roll. In a 20 man Starbase 24, it would be highly unlikely to get those results unless people were not greeding or passing on items on a regular basis. I did just restart this game as I lost my founder account so I am not sure what its like at higher levels.
Before you reach cap, everything is easy enough to not even invest time in outfitting your ship. When you reach cap, you choose the ship, you really want to fly.

Then you go once through the exchange for some green/blue weapons and matching consoles of level 10-11 depending on how much EC you have. And you are ready for endgame.

The next upgrade is Borg/Omega/Rom/Maco/HG/Reman 3-piece set, and either reputation weapons or fleet weapons or a combination thereof.

Which means, no one at endgame needs a weapon, a shield, engine, deflector from random drops.

That leaves only consoles. The large majority of them are so cheap on the exchange, that pretty much everyone needing it has bought it shortly after reaching cap anyway.

So, at endgame, no one should need any random loot. Possible exception are people not understanding the game rules. So every player in a Pug should assume, that everyone else in his group just wants to vendor anything dropped.

There are some exceptions. Purple Mk XII weapons with good mods and purple Mk XI and XII and blue Mk XII consoles of certain kind. But the best consoles seem to come from doff missions, not drops. So... you might find once in a blue moon a random drop that anyone might use. Then you could go to greed, if you recognize it in time and use the system as planned. But even those occasions have the problem, that the item is not bound and anyone could put this thing on the exchange.

Low-level stuff ? People tend to pass on it to not clutter their inventory, not because they think, other players could really benefit from it. Even here, you will find only need and pass, but not greed.

Some time ago in STFs, the Need or Greed system was useful because stuff was bound and really sought after. And it worked.