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05-22-2013, 05:08 AM
Originally Posted by dam999 View Post
Cryptic should seriously reconsider to make eng class more competitive in PVP.

The only way a tac captain can lose against an eng is if he is a ******. Otherwise, there is no chance that an eng cap has any chance of dealing the same amount of DPS as a tac one. With alpha + omega the numbers go ridiculously high plus all the other tac skills..Engineer class must have something to respond to both tac and sci cap skils. Most eng skills are completely and utterly useless. I've talked to many people and even though tac captains usually like the way it is, they still all agree that the eng class is almost unplayable if you are not into RPG star trek.

The game is not balanced and the only thing that counts is DPS in which the eng class is rather poor..Even sci class has better and more useful skills than engies..

The way I see it, Cryptic should either completely ignore the entire eng concept and concentrate all on science and tactical or do something already to improve the gaming experience with the eng character so that it becomes more than a punching bag.
I'm not entirely sure you've ever played an Engineer. If you have, and you have a well built ship with a good crew, DoFFs, Boffs, items, etc. then you should have no problem. Especially with the new "below 25% get miracle worker back for free" thing. Engineers in Escorts are extremely powerful, run full shields power or aux and pop EPS when you need weapons power. Not to mention the new set bonuses from some of the rommy gear and such. If you're having problems killing Tacs (the most squishy toons in the game) then quite frankly, lrn2play.