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Originally Posted by ricorosebud View Post
A ball of yarn and a laser pointer are both threatening the universe as we know it, which do you attempt to claw first?
=O.O= You sir are Diabolical! To imagine such a dire paradox, could leave a cat in a maddening state of Psychosis. The yarn in all its fantastic fluff begs one to pounce, and attack, its very essence demands a 4 pawed action, to subdue this tempting target with the utmost satifaction! On the other hand the red dot..."That red dot" the bane of a cats excistance, how it has alluded us for decades; its mysterious and evil nature to this day plagues cat and kitt alike, to the very level of a Shakespearean drama! A Paradox in deed...

But to settle this one must ask himself, what enemy has yet to be subdued, what enemy and all that it is has to...ney, MUST be caught?!! The answer is simple, the red dot!! While a ball of yarn can be captured and taken down, even if it requires an intense fight, the red dot...that mysterious phantom, is the infamous and relentless bane of the cat world, just like a tribble is to a Klingon. The Red Dot must die!!

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