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05-22-2013, 07:30 AM
Originally Posted by lan451 View Post
I hear ya. I was very tempted to do this myself, but wanted to play a Lib Borg Rom too much. I'll just put a beard on him when they add them in. Yeah that's right, when and not if. I'll keep bringing this up until I get mah beard haha!

But yeah it's a bit of a buzzkill since my whole concept was a grizzled ex-Borg refugee drifting from colony to colony since even other Romulans don't trust him due to his connection to the collective. What kind of grizzled refugee doesn't have a scruffy beard? Shaving is totally not a priority when you're just trying to survive. For now though I've just played it off as D'Tan made him shave upon joining the Republic. Once I get some beards though I'll tell D'Tan to get bent and grow out a beard anyway.
Indeed, I imagine there are many like us who value concept over simply rolling any old character and playing. I just didn't want to play as a character I wasn't completely invested in. I'm happy the alien generator is there to overcome this problem though (to an extent at least). To be honest, I'm satisfied with the fact we have a Romulan faction. That I had to go Alien to get the look I wanted isn't bothering me too much. Still would be nice if we could have more choice in terms of customisation.