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Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
Yeah its all very unclear to me as well.

How would you know what traits you can pick later for a specific species if it doesnt tell you? :/

There is nothing in the character creator that says u can have Subterfuge/Operative later on as a trait lol

Or am i missing something?
Yeah, the Character Creator doesn't help in the least. The way they're handling it with giving the free respec token instead of letting you select, well...I suppose there are two sides to that. Folks might make mistakes if they were allowed to select on their own. The folks that have researched, well - they know what they're getting into before they pick the species/career (cause yeah, there's the Career Traits now too).

Third party sources. Trial and error. Maybe the forums here.

Yep, new players might have it a little rough.
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