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Originally Posted by gradstudent1 View Post
Thanks for the post, Naz. I can only say that I hope your question is answered with a "yes."

I think your second point about creating a no complaints (or shall we say, "no bs"!) PvP environment is really complex. TBH, it is unfortunate that we, the players, have to self-regulate at all.

From what I can see, though, achieving a well balanced game--which I completely understand is difficult to pull off, esp. when unique abilities are available on a faction-specific basis--will require a reevaluation of STO from the ground up. Minor changes here and there, new PvP maps, power balances, etc. are simply not going to fix the systemic issues that plague PvP.

My biggest fear is that the devs will implement a new reputation system and call it PvP's salvation. This is entirely the wrong approach. I don't mind a rep system that is PvP focused, but it needs to be accompanied by some pretty dramatic reevaluation of the whole PVP system.
What about a rep system with a twist? A system where you don't grind for traits but an unending grind for gear. That way power creep can be limited or slowed down to an extent. This way, its not about who can afford the best gear no more. Cryptic get the grind factor which they somehow deludedly think is what we as story players and not just pvpers want and we start to get a grind system that is palletable.

Who the hell wants to do the same dull nukara missions over and over and over and over for a solid month or 2 on multiple toons? I sure as hell don't. A good alternate, add marks of choice to PvP arenas. That's a step in the right direction.

If you guys meaning Cryptic want us to grind, for god sake, make it fun and appealing. We grind enough in real life...

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