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05-22-2013, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Well, ISE has certainly become more 'interesting' post-patch - those spheres are on steriods or something!

Forget trying to use mines - those spheres shoot off all over the place and mines simply can't catch them anymore. And GWIII is absolutely useless against them (although was never that spectacular anyway).
Super 'roids. When I finally got in yesterday did an ISE, 1st transformer went down and didn't really notice anything, but when we got to work on the 2nd one and the gens popped a nanite sphere came screaming out of the gate and made a beeline for the transformer. Luckily I had TBR and managed to push it out of the way and chalked it off to an aberration. Popped GW on the rest of the approaching spheres and much to my chagrin, they all just sped right on past it and were out of range of the GW before it could Only saving grace was being in a pre-made team that had high dps, they got the gate blown before the group got in range.