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Originally Posted by corporalmac View Post
I'm curious whether or not the general consensus is to move on to the next game or stick it out with STO. I'm not going to lie, I've enjoyed the game since I started playing. On the flip side I have put a lot of money into it and time which makes these large amounts of lost time all the more frustrating. Most games have hiccups, the quantity and severity of the hiccups really dictates how tolerable they are. Over the past three weeks we have had three major hiccups that have put the game out of reach for it's players for 5 hours or longer. So, the question is does this latest hiccup finally push you to another game or are you too invested or too big of a fan to throw in the towel? Secondary question if you are through with STO what MMO would you be leaving for?
YOu will never find an MMO that doesn't have this 'hiccups' when they release major content expansions (Both EVE Online <-- after 10 years; and WoW <--- After 8 years, both still have periods of major outages and also major issues for days/sometimes weeks whenever they release a major update or expansion.) <-- And I cite these two aMMOs as examples as EVE is also a space based and very long running MMO; and WoW is still the most subscribed to MMO - with one of the largest Dev teams, server bases, and money coming in -- yet, it still sees major issues when they release a new Expansion.

LoR hasn't even been Live 24 hours - but Cryptic is making headway, has solved some new issues they (and the playtesters, of which I was one) didn't see on Tribble; and while there are still more issues (some quite large) to be resolved; they appear to be working on them and (like every other MMO I've played starting with Ever Quest in 1999) I'm sure the majority will have been resolved by next week.

In the end, the decision to stick with a game or leave is a personal one, and generally, if I find I'm not enjoying a game any longer, I move on. However, if you still see potential in the game, and see things you believe you'll enjoy that you haven;'t done yet, I think it's worth it to hang around. back in the EQ days, there were times the game was down more than it was up; and even server crashes caused major Guild/database, and other issues that took weeks to resolve. For people who believe the stability of MMOs haven't improved over the last decade - you either didn't play in the early days; or you blocked out some of the more egregious incidents (there were times EQ servers were down for entire weekends; and even after they were restore an announcement was made that they hadn to perform a 72 hour data rollback.)

Issues with new content suck (especially when the content looks interesting and you really just want to play it; but overall, in the end, the issues will get fixed and as you spend time in game over the coming weeks (maybe even months, or years); you'll look back and comment to new players something like,

"Yeah, LoR had some major issues for the first few days of release; but once they got it stable, it turned out pretty good...'

But, if it's really frustrating for you; there's no harm in taking a break and returning if you feel like it once its reported the majority of issues have been resolved. But, if you're looking for a 'no issues, 100% uptime, fun and constantly expanding MMO" <--- Such a thing has never existed.
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