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# 1 Why play KDF?
05-22-2013, 10:24 AM
Romulans have been given practically every advantage in cloaking space combat, ground combat and their ships make the KDF vessels obsolete.

Cloak: They were given our B'rel enhanced battle cloak. They have battle cloaks on most of their escort types. Their captain racial and optional traits include SIGNIFICANT bonuses to cloak timers and damage/duration.

Ground: self explanatory. Just look at what they get.

Ships: All romulan ships have 'tier 6' type design. You simply cannot compare the performance of an = tier KDF and romulan ship.. its a gap in performance as vast there is between a Fed Nebula and Fed Vesta.

If that wasn't enough, we see the talshiar lockbox ships are literally making every tier 5 kdf ship obsolete when it comes to cruisers and escorts.

Our consoles will be available to romulans through the cross-faction consoles too.

So, really.. why would people bother joining the KDF these days? With the history of zero unique ships being made for KDF in the past 2+ years and the bulk of the kdf fleet being old releases and romulan ships having the 'tier 6' design at end game... well... you would only join KDF for the bloodwine.