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05-22-2013, 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by jheinig View Post
The fact that interactions drop your ship out of cloak works as designed in that this is what the engine is programmed to do.
The game engine can be programmed to do that (and DO IT) all you want ... but that does not resolve the fact that the resulting BEHAVIOR is neither EXPECTED nor even DESIRED. It is that latter point that causes the "disconnect" on turns of phrase like Working As Intended ... because use of the term immediately calls into question what the Intended BEHAVIOR is supposed to be, and if it doesn't align with Expectation (or Desired Results) then you've got a problem that needs to be fixed. Most players view issues that need to be fixed as BUGS rather than "features" of gameplay.

The better question to ask in this case is why the game engine was programmed with this particular bias in it in the first place? Seems that the smarter play would have been to design interactions to NOT drop cloak in the first place, and then have specific circumstances in missions that would do so as a consequence of specific actions involving interactions (ie. dropping cloak is a deliberate STORY driven consideration, rather than an automagic "game engine" driven bias). Which in turn begs the question of why Cryptic isn't addressing this issue at the game engine level FIRST so as to "reverse the bias" involved in this issue, since it would seem (to lay people like us outside the company code base) to be the simpler and easier solution.