Thread: Why play KDF?
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05-22-2013, 01:27 PM
Why play KDF? Because you get to be Klingon, Gorn or Orion etc. Sure Cryptic didn't give them a great deal of scope for gameplay and they got provided with a limited amount of ships compared to Fed players but seriously Klingon ships are awesome, well I think so. I always loved the designs. Even the starting player Bird of Prey is a great ship, far more fun than that awful Miranda the Feds get.

Maybe now with the new Klingon start at level 1 theres even more incentive to be Klingon. Of course if you don't like Klingons don't roll a character, nonones twisting your arm. Go and be a pointy eared Romulan hobo if you want. KDF is for people who like the race, the ships and enjoy battles, song and bloodwine.

Oh and the Klingon ship computer is far cooler and more ruthless sounding, "Targets shields have failed", yeah seriously awesome and better than listening to Majel Barrett whining in your ears every 10 seconds if you're playing a Fed.