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05-22-2013, 03:21 PM
I've been playing as a romulan in game (liberated of course) an given that we've just been handed the Tal Shiar lock box as well as just how much Borg technology means to them at this point i still find it a really sad statement that Cryptic refuses to fix any of these assets, especially how many open uniform options there are. I would love it if my Characters body matched his head, i would love being able to roll up the sleeves and wear the romulan vests but clearly that's not going to happen until they add more to the nonbasic skins. There's not even a skin tone that matches the infected look so i can't even halfass it like the Bolians get.

Please Please Please, if you're going to make Borg technology as big in this game as you already have at least take the time to fix what should have been done in year one once open uniforms hit. This isn't just the infected skin either but any complexion or skin type that adds detail to the face (minus the trill, but that's mostly there because of a sexual innuendo), even just the aged skin just ends weirdly at the neck. With the Character creator update they should have added torso or hand options as well, maybe like what Champions has so people using the alien generator can still mix and match.