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All in all, I'm a little concerned lol.

I fly a fleet patrol escort, committed all the good traits and I bought a warp core to boost my engines and shields from the dil store.

My current power levels are, after all the bonuses and warp core upgrades:
~125 weapons/~125shields/~90 engines/~50 auxpower

I don't even own a plasmonic leech yet.

I can keep these levels up pretty consistently cycling two diffent eptx, as long as I don't get sub nuked. Also, I'm not kidding myself, I know I'm a new kid on the PvP block so I'm sure someone will get even better power levels with careful minmaxing. I get worried thinking about how the l33t PvP gods will now become totally unkillable, more so than they were before.

edit: After reviewing the thread, it seems I might have confused a few folks. I get this much power after all bonuses and eptx powers activated (2), which I cycle with 3 purple damage control doffs.
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