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Sam 2: Assuming we do end up near them, I'll do that.

*Sam 2's hologram vanishes as the Synthesiser blocks making up the holo-pad scurry away.*
*R.S.S. Republic, Bridge. Matt steps off the Turbolift to be met with the gaze of several crewmen - some apprehensive about the change in command, others pleased for him to be back aboard, including T'mar and David.*

David: Captain on deck!

Matt: As you were. Status, Commander?

David: We're ready for launch. Starbase control has cleared us.

Matt: Well...

*Matt sits in the Command chair and looks around, his line of thought trailing off.*

*To himself.* I missed this chair...

*Clears throat*

Well... what are we waiting for?

David: Yes sir!

*David sits next to him.*

All decks, prepare for launch. Condition Blue.

*The blue alert lighting comes on.*

Matt: Engineering, bring the Impulse engines online.

Mitchell *Over comm*: Aye sir.

Ops: Impulse engines online and answering.

Matt: Disengage docking clamps.

Ops: Docking clamps... disengaged.

Matt: Clear all moorings.

Ops: Moorings clear!

Matt: Helm, take us out. 1 half thrusters.

Helm: Thrusters one half aye, sir!

We have cleared the station!

Matt: Go to one quarter impulse until we clear the outer marker. Then set a course for the Lanco System, Warp 12.

Helm: Aye sir. Course laid in.

Matt: Engage.

*The Republic moves away from the Station, getting a few kilometers away before jumping to warp.*

Helm: And we're clear.

Matt: Secure from condition blue.

*The lighting returns to normal.*

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